How Marketing Works! 

  • By David Clemons
  • 02 Nov, 2016

Workflow - It seems like a never ending set of tasks and technology

How does a business owner afford all of the technology and personnel needed to keep up on the company's marketing, web properties, customers  who are online shopping and using their mobile device for information? We find the majority of businesses owners and managers can not keep up with their business focus so the web and web marketing and customer nurturing suffers.

Sound familiar? Your not alone. 

If your a company manager or manager or even someone who is responsible for the web, mobile , email , SMS, DB , coupons, campaigns, sales, lead management, social channels - whew! Its a full time job. You can't take your eyes off this for a day with out the industry changing directions on your digital presence and marketing strategy. 

<Look at the graphic above >  Its pretty straight forward, really - its not mumbo-jumbo. 
 Its the basis of having a healthy digital footprint for your business and knowing what items are essential. I just realized in building this flow chart their are a few key ingredients we did not place in graphic - so if you are reading this, you will hopefully find this helpful. The missing pieces in the graphic above are highlighted in bold text. 

The top green boxes are showing the digital properties that you need to have working for your business 24/7. Web sites, mobile sites and landing pages that are very specific to something you want the customer to do - an actionable item. There are many good guides to building landing pages.  When landing pages are built correctly they have a certain stickiness and higher value to the customer and the customer is willing to sign up for or to be invited to, or to download an e-book for example. 

The middle of the graphic is a central hub where each of your digital elements point to -  every form filled out by a client, something of value,  in exchange they provide their information. The information is held into the customer management system or CRM. The CRM now can help the business owner and managers can automate predetermined actions  which communicate to the customers. 

Automation is becoming the buzz word in marketing
and the business owners and managers need to have an understanding of why this might be important to your business. In a few words ; SPEED , WORKFLOW and COST.  

Automation saves time as many of the steps you would do manually are now timed to trigger automatically. The triggers are based on what the customer is requesting and in many cases needing a small nudge to get to the next stage of the relationship. This nudging is called nurturing . 

Local Lists that are free and paid for are necessary for the small business to be found on searches.
There are 100's of local listings but the 80 -20 rule applies here.  We really thinkGoogle, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, Angie's List and a few others make up over 85%-90% of the  total exposure your brand needs.  

Customer Reviews
are the social side of how customers deal with businesses. Customers rate the business, create comments about businesses both good and bad. We know the over 90% of the customer look at reviews and make buying decisions and loyalty decisions based on how they are influenced by reviews - what other people think of the business. Reputation Management is the process of managing the flow of customer reviews into the search engines.  We believe that if a company manages their online reviews correctly, customers will be motivated to bring their business in the door or shop on line with these highly rated companies. 

Today its more than a web site that sits unchanged. Marketing needs  the right message that customers identify with and a small spoon to sip from. Its a blend of balanced and meaningful design and customer interactions within the website or mobile sites. When customers see what they like, they ask for it, they want it , they will be loyal to it. If your company has the needed solution at a price that makes sense, its a win - win for the marketer and the client. 

Technology is suppose to be easier today and it is. The visual map we provided above is not 100% complete but it does reflect the amount of attention any company's brand and services require to be competitive and exposed to customers. 

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