Lessons From Your Competitors – Right, Wrong and Somewhere in Between

  • By Push Mobile Media
  • 16 Nov, 2016

Series of steps that add up to a larger digital score. What is your score? 

<PUSH> Lessons from your competitors – Right, Wrong and Somewhere Between


We have spoken to companies who simply want a beautiful web site and who think that this is all that is needed to compete in a very competitive industry and zip code.  We already know the results and outcomes of a freshly launched website that has zero marketing attached.


The facts speak out brightly, like a trumpet.


A complete online digital marketing strategy includes:


·    Landing pages that drive a laser focused message

·    Sticky content that users want and are searching for online

·    Forms that collect user data and deliver extreme high value to the user

·    Video that is targeted and relevant – using short clips

·    Ad campaigns that follow an A/B switch testing mentality

·    Email and SMS Automation that follows up with the customer based on preplanned actions, deliveries, invites etc.

·    Social Accuracy of business information

·    Frequency of Blog entries and fresh content

·    Allow customers to review your service and proactively manage each public review

·    Know your numbers by paying attention to what is working and what is not weekly, if not daily.


This is a condensed list above, however, the difference between success and failure is between what you are willing to do, just get by with and or not engaging in at all.


There is no real secret to uncover here, digital presence and digital branding is a series of small steps that add up to a larger score. You need all of these so it’s a great time to learn about each item and adopt it as a successful playbook, a game plan, a track to run on.


Push Mobile Media is a all-in-one design and marketing platform that includes all of the items above and many more. We are the next big business utility , an affordable design and marketing solution for the small business owners and managers.

David Clemons 


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