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  • By Push Mobile Media
  • 09 Dec, 2016

What is the value of marketing automation? 

Marketing Automation – What is it and why is it important?


Email marketing used to be a daunting task for every business or marketing entity. Each and every email has been managed with the goal of personalization with great care so that the customer engages. The issue with this type of email marketing is the time it takes to personalize all of your customers with messages, offers, specials, events, images, feedback forms etc.


With Email marketing automation, it’s now a process to get the accurate data into to your client database and automate the email messaging and the frequency of the messages sent. Automation is a software-based, step-by-step process, with logic and preplanned actionable experiences, content and highly valued customer data with contact information and interest.  


Our goal as marketers (owners, managers, agencies, content specialists, sales) is to save time and energy required to design quality campaigns , build the preferred delivery channel and nurture quality relationships with our customers and prospective customers. We know that technology is needed, like email and SMS Text Messaging and mail drops, with every consideration possible to offer a real and valued experience and engagement by the customer.


Choose Channel – Design Campaign – Build Messaging – Determine Logic ( A/B) Measure Results – Repeat.


SEO and SEM is needed in every step. We look at the value of each key word used within the message, each back-link, title, sub title, image and descriptions.


In a Perfect World

The ideal marketing automation solution provides an intuitive experience for the marketer.  Using live online help, real call-in support and a FAQ that is specific to the task. Visual step-by-step and use of video is key. The live component is generally considered high value when needed. Marketing automation is about data, big data, everything that can be attached to a client profile. That collected data then bolts on to the system that automates predetermined marketing events like data forms, download custom info-graphics, PDF reports, invites to events with information, coupons etc.


Since most software is utilized in an 80/20 % basis ( only 20% of the feature set is used)  that most customers who adopt new technology platforms need on going training and support.

 David Clemons CEO Push Mobile Media 

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