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  • By Push Mobile Media
  • 15 Nov, 2016

Start at the beginning of your relationship to get a positive review

Its Pays to Pay Attention to Your Business Reputation


Managing a business reputation can be challenging work. It all depends on first how you set up your consumer interface or reporting inside of your accounts. If you set up an account at YELP, for instance , you lose some control over the customer rating process. Bad experiences for any reason go right to the top and are tough to manage afterwards.

Your customers are looking on the internet to determine what type of a company you are currently and what is the over all impression of customer who have done business.

The good rap and the bad rap are there forever so you need to manage your reputation.

Today - thanks to technology, we can help you manage your reputation. Our team of OnlineExperts(R) are trained and ready to manage and monitor your brand reputation and prevent the “bad rap” before it goes public. Our system allows you to intervene with a disgruntled customer and determine to to improve their experience and opinion of your business.

So what exactly should you plan for to get your online reputation in good form?

  1. Don’t be to eager about launching a YELP plan without a plan first
  2. Don’t set up an Angies List until you understand how and when people review your company
  3. How do you educate your customers to provide a 5 Start rating ? Thats all about understanding Google + and FaceBook and Bing
  4. Talk to the Professionals ( HERE) to answer questions before its a big issue and a bad rap.

Start at the beginning of the relationship with your customer. Explain to them your reputation as a company is a mission with every person in your company. That the customers needs are met based on reasonable goals and conditions upfront. Take every customer as a nurtured relationship of trust and you will find that the trust goes both ways. If you expect to receive a 5-Star review - then deliver a high end experience and follow it up with a better more valuable experience each time. 

Hope these simple ideas are clear and helpful!

David Clemons 

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