Building an Afforable Solution for Small Business

  • By Push Mobile Media
  • 15 Nov, 2016

The beginning of a journey, a start point to something big...

<PUSH> When we first started our journey ….

The real passion for each of use was about creating something amazing, something needed, something affordable and manageable. For those of us who were driving the vision forward everyday, it was exciting to choose partners based on our platform criteria. Working with tested and not so tested partner code and platforms, after almost 6 months we came up with a solid plan of integration of each of the major services that we needed.

Responsive web site and responsive Mobile site builder

Customer Management System with attached Email and SMS notification system

App builder

Reputation Management

Social Deployment Manager

Adword management software

SEO mangement software

Hosting provider

Live Chat system

Support Ticket system

OnlineExpert - Certified Support for all areas

Analytics Reporting on everything

Our technology plan has continued to be a simple focus - wire all of this together under one dashboard with a single-sign-on (SSO), make it work so that our tasks and the customers shared responsibilities becomes easier to manage, be notified and plan ahead.

We will always be advancing the platform as we move forward.

Today we are one day closer to the ultimate  platform that makes sense - if built correctly the market will respond favorable. The partners we have selected have already proven that their single component is valued by tens of thousands or millions in some cases. We have selected the best of the best of the proven platforms that allow for integration and SSO - private labeling and reporting.

We are on the right track to prove that every small business needs to have our solution. Its proven, affordable and very effective.  

David Clemons 

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