The Original Push Mobile Media Story

  • By David Clemons
  • 22 Mar, 2006
Beginning of PUSH Mobile Media
The Beginning of Push Mobile Media.

  See the earliest pages to our March 22 2006 Blog
In 2005, we filed for the branding and URL of Push Mobile Media, burning the midnight oil to begin a 10+ year journey into one of the earliest mobile content platforms of record focused on  creating content, delivering video and measuring user activity.  

The web site in the link above is the original web site - including the videos that explain what we had envisioned for a new mobile market. 

In the beginning, our platform idea had a lot of "nay" sayers who said it could not be done. 

March 22, 2006  we started our blog - blogging was becoming more of the expectation around the web, so we followed the leaders on this idea. i'm very glad we did. We shared everything about who we were, where we presented in trade shows and sponsorships etc. 

In 2007 we launched Push Mobile Media "One Mobile Minute" which defined our passion for short concise content. We embedded the idea of "Read it" "Watch It" "Read it Back". We actually became pretty good at staying on this track. Even today you will hear us getting down to the basics, holds true today! 

Most start up companies have a similar story about the good and the bad of starting a technology platform .  We had Glenn , the Florida Mobile Expert- who ripped us off for thousands. Jack who left us high and dry as a programmer , for a real "job", and then lost it, an artist who loved to fist fight and enthusiastically drink (actually that was some of our more colorful days! ), and the competitors globally who loved our idea so much they ripped the brand name off and then used our brand in the social sites, like Facebook and Twitter and others. We had legal fights and won a few regarding branding. We had hired a team of local developers  who then decided it was nice to actually get paid on projects but later decided it was too large of a focus. Larger companies who abused us and wanted our intellectual process and intell but never ever paid us a dime. We learned many hard lessons from companies who needed to be in our space and simply decided our ideas were good enough to build it out themselves. 

We had a few rough moments but when our platform went live - we had something to celebrate and to show off and be proud of! 

See the Full Blog

See the guts of the internal processes 

Our Push Mobile Media Blog shows the amazing journey we were on - in taking our platform to the streets  of New York , Los Angeles, Dallas, Las Vegas and Globally to China and other interesting spots, we were on center stage. It was a great ride. 

After our first key sponsorship of the Mobile Expo / New York  2006  - we were approached by large companies that wanted us to focus more on content delivery  for the mobile workforce in the corporate training space. We actually decided within a few years that the training space was going to be a large opportunity for mobile platform companies who could deliver video content with the right aspect ration - margins - file types - media types etc. We had 1000's of mobile device profiles all requiring a unique format - it seemed.

Video was a very big deal and to get it right we had to attract the biggest, fastest video delivery system in the world who could deliver the video to any format. We selected the right partners and were able to load, encode video and deliver on a global scale. This was a big deal for us and our customers. Video was then and is today the leading sticky content.  

Its easy to validate our story and to see our early investment into the mobile content and delivery platform world. The blog provides a dated story that is rich with creative ideas that came out of our amazing team. 

Push Mobile Media represented a small group of people who wanted to create, innovate the next big delivery system. Many opportunities came from Push. LearnCast was also formed to simplify the process of content usability on 1000's of devices and attracted companies like Motorola, Cisco, HP, Monavie, EMC, Steelcase and others. These big companies used our platform for training and retail marketing.

Take a look at the blog its all you need to discover where Push Mobile Media  started and the incredible journey we have been on. 

Written by David Clemons 
Founder of Push Mobile Media
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