Right Mix of Marketing 

  • By Push Mobile Media
  • 10 Aug, 2016

Having time and the right amount of investment of marketing into your brand ...

PUSH Powerful Marketing
Strapping a Rocket on to your Brand , sounds like a good step right?

Now your are realizing it takes too much focus away from your business operations just to properly position your brand with the right mix of marketing, messaging, video, mobile this - mobile that , automation in your email , SMS and email notifications to your team as well as your customers. Hiring a dozen people who specialize in one or more areas is an issue of managing that many systems, payments and updates. 

How do you keep up with all of this ? 

Well your not alone - this is a real pain-point and a growing issue for small local businesses to be found online by new and existing customers. 

We know. We hear it every day. We hear the words pouring from the mouths of companies who feel they are miss guided and over spending with little if any results. 

Lets look at the ROCKET components and see if this what you have already been thinking about. 

Look and feel of your current web site, does our web site work on any popular device?
  • Interesting engagements built into your web site that inspire users to sign up with your company - your offer.
  • Mobile experience - how do we get this started - what is involved? 
  • Live support for customers - so that they never hear another message machine that says , " I'm sorry I'm away from the phone..." 
  • Apps on the desktop that reflect your brand and offerings?
  • Automated Intelligent Marketing using email and SMS to keep your content in front of those who are trying to build a relationship of trust and interest with your brand. 
  • Campaigns that work, lists that are managed. 
  • Social Presence in the major social site and listing sites for local and national exposure. 
  • Reports that make sense. Reports that are understood. Reports that reflect your true numbers. 
This is ROCKET THINKING it might seem obvious, but its not at all obvious. In each area you need to have knowledge of what is working today and adapt to the changes coming tomorrow.

Think about it - if you could throw a switch - a marketing switch and just leave it on - would your company and brand be better presented and exposed where your clients are looking. We hope so ! Actually we know so.

So can you ! 


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