The Best Way to Get Hired at a Creative Agency - Build Your Own.

  • By David Clemons
  • 29 Nov, 2016

You have talent, You use technology everyday, Get Paid for it ! 

The Best Way to Get Hired at a Creative Agency  - Build Your Own.


Jumping into a career is both exciting and painful for anyone who needs a job. Receiving rejections from potential employers who collect hundreds of resumes for every job opening is a reality. 

Being an intern is OK. This is highly regarded as a great way to get your experience. We suggest opening your checking account and looking at the monthly income paid to you. If this is depressing, its up to you to make it better. Pay your dues with years of service and settle for the corporate climbing of a short ladder.

This is a rather harsh view on the prospects of employment opportunities. There is a better way.


Today, business leaders across America and the globe, need help using technology to compete within their local markets. The real opportunity is to be local, meet business owners and managers and provide your design and marketing solutions.

Design, market automation, mobile marketing, customer data, Google Adwords, SEO/SEM, analytics and the list goes on and on.


Use your current knowledge and learning skills and build your own company, your own creative brand and your own success story.  Serious? Yes.


Your chances to experience success with your raw ability, creative services, your technology offerings should not be under estimated within your local market. The key is people contact and ability to show that what you do is valued by the very customers your service.


So do you have what it takes?

I’m going to offer a few things you might want to consider before you jump in.


1.)Intelligence – You have to be ready to learn and apply. You need to “DO” everything you are learning in real time. This means – if you learn something immediately put it to use and remember what you have learned. You need to be able to learn and recall as there are many layers.


2.)Process – Workflow – Technology Platforms – To make this happen in a fluid way, you need access to a lot of technology and the knowledge of how to build a client flow.  The technology and process has to work and it has to be connected, integrated seamlessly.


3.)You have to build a client base – So lets get this right. Learning technology is only part of the system and you have to be able to motivate your clients to trust you , that you know how to strap a design and marketing solution onto their company brand story. Wow!


4.)Be ready to have others join your team – others will see your enthusiasm and they will also want to help you with your mission. Each person that comes in will need training and access as well as a chance to “DO” . It’s a big component of success. Each team member will lean towards an area of specialization over time, just give them some fertile soil.


5.)Look to your industry for the insiders look. Learn the talk, walk the walk, “DO” what is needed. Jump on opportunities to help companies, even if your not quite there yet. What you learn will be valuable to everyone. Learn what works and what can be done better. At first you will not bill every client – but when you finally get it right, you can prove your system is working, the customers will be glad to work with you and keep you as a provider. You win

6.)Build your first 30 clients then 100, then scale based on business niche.


Push Mobile Media™  is an All-In-One Design and Marketing platform for the small local business and the growing multi-market business. We have the proven workflows and technology base that you too can be part of. Join our team of OnlineExperts® Certified to “DO” more.

David Clemons 
Push Mobile Media
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